Christy Studio x Fuji Kinume®

Come rain or shine, we've got your back.
We are collaborating with Fuji Kinume® for our latest launch of Water Resistant DWR line. Preserving the waterproofing technology used in truck hoods and tents in the old days, the Fuji Kinume® paraffin canvas series features a unique surface touch and texture like no other. 
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About Fuji Kinume®
Fuji Kinume® is a Japan-made canvas brand owned by Kawashima Shoji Co., Ltd. Since its establishment in 1948, Fuji Kinume® has been striving to keep the 'hanpu' (cotton canvas) making tradition and Japanese craftsman spirit alive while introducing new technology into the process. 
Every step from spinning to weaving to processing is done in Japan, producing quality cotton canvas that is durable, long-lasting and profound. 
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